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Vassilissa is currently working as an adjunct lecturer for the Division of Design and Human Computer Interaction + Design Department for the University of Washington.



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Advancing Visual Design Culture in STEM Lab Groups

Master’s thesis that centered around analyzing the visual culture of research laboratories to create educational materials on scientific communication and visual design that are tailored to researchers’ needs. Exhibited at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle, Washington.

Viva: Anonymous + Accessible Teletherapy Ecosystem

A blockchain-based anonymous healthcare ecosystem for undocumented persons in need of safe and accessible mental therapy services. Exhibited at the 2020 Microsoft Design Expo.


An imagined auxiliary feature that enables Spotify users to create endemic, location-based music playlists as they travel from Point A to Point B.

︎︎︎ Coming Soon

In Progress

Kakao Typeface
A bold, gothic typeface based on a hand drawn Soviet-era cocoa package. 

Design is in progress, in collaboration with Rebecca Rhee and Stephanie Tang Waldrop, with oversight from Karen Cheng

Better Sheriff Toolkit
A toolkit for high school students that emphasizes the importance of participating in local elections through the lens of the controversial, yet shockingly powerful, position of county sheriff.

Design is in progress, in collaboration with The Washington Bus